Astronomical Observatory Belgrade

Mathematical Institute of SASA*

Siniša Stanković Biological Research Institute

Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering Institute

Institute for Application of Nuclear Energy

Institute of Physics in Belgrade

Vinča Nuclear Sciences Institute

Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy Institute

Institute for Testing of Materials

Nikola Tesla Electrical Engineering Institute

Technical Sciences Institute of SASA

Mining and Metallurgy Institute, Bor

Oncology and Radiology Institute of Serbia

Zemun Polje Maize Research Institute

Fruit Research Institute

Scientific Institute for Veterinary of Serbia

Meet Hygiene and Technology Institute

Soil Science Institute

Animal Husbandry Institute

Dr. Josif Pančić Medicinal Plant Reasearch Institute

Plant Protection and Environment Institute

Medical Research Institute

Social Sciences Institute

Philosophy and Social Theory Institute

Educational Research Institute

Modern History of Serbia Institute

European Studies Institute

International Politics and Economy Institute

Institute of Comparative Law

Criminological and Sociological Research Institute

Institute of Economic Sciences

Byzantine Institute of SASA

Archeological Institute

Literature and Arts Institute

Institute of Musicology of SASA

Institute for Serbian Language of SASA

Institute of Ethnography of SASA

Scientific Veterinary Institute Novi Sad

Pesticides and Environmental Protection Institute

Field and Vegetable Crops Institute

Institut for Lowland Forestry and Environment

Institute for Forestry

Jaroslav Černi Institute for Development of Water Resources

Mihajlo Pupin Institute

Agricultural Economics Institute

Food Technology Institute

Institute for General and Physical Chemistry

Institute for Architecture, Urban & Spatial Planning of Serbia

Economic Institute

Institute for Vegetable Crops

Institute for Forage Crops

Institute for Technology of Nuclear and Other Mineral Raw Materials

Multidisciplinary Research Institute

Institute for Balkan Studies of SASA

Lola Institute

Institute for Science Application in Agriculture

Military Technical Institute


BioSens Institute

Institute for History

Institute for Political Studies

Strategic Research Institute

Torlak Institute for Virology, Vaccines and Sera

Mining Institute

Information Tehnologies Institute, Kragujevac

*Serbian Academy of Science and Arts